The majority of people will in general purchase generators around significant storms or in the power outages when they’re inclined to make desperate decisions- without planning for what to do when the generator gets at home. Working by the focus, in a hurry to get the power-up and running, they may skip basic security steps during installation. Furthermore, many people die each year from carbon monoxide harming identified with generators.

Diesel Generator

How to decide the size of your Diesel Generator?

The size of the diesel generator is essential as it decides the number and type of appliances that can be connected with it. Equally significant is to work out the power that the appliances shall not only require to run but initially to start them as well. You can find information in the appliances manual about how much power is needed to start the appliance and later how much is required to keep them running so that you could figure out what capacity of generator you need to connect.

So for the calculation purpose, you need to sum up the total amount of power that all the appliances you want to run on the generator require, and then note the highest starting power of the appliances and add it to the total in the first step. This sum shall help you determine the minimum power of the generator that you should go for. Just bear in mind that overloading a generator may result in the damage of not only the generator but also the equipment connected with it. 

  • Diesel generators are more efficient than petrol generator.
  • Diesel Generator provides higher power output than any other generator.
  • Works on a diesel engine, which reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Generally, the diesel generator has a longer life and high performance.
  • The design of the diesel generator is more reliable and rugged.
  • A spark plug system is not required in the diesel generator, which reduces the complicated wiring and maintenance cost.
  • Diesel generators are designed to suit Australian weather conditions.
  • Diesel generators have a solid built heavy-duty canopy.
  • As compare to petrol fuel, diesel is a safer option as it will not ignite easily.
  • Diesel Generators have the benefit of Self-lubrication.

Disadvantages of a diesel generator

  • The diesel generators are heavy in terms of weight.
  • It produces more noise than other generators, but it can be avoided by buying a salient generator, which has almost similar sound levels to the petrol generators.
  • The initial installation process is complex and time-consuming.
  • Accessibility of the fuel is one of the drawbacks of the diesel generator.
  • One of the significant drawbacks of diesel generators is that they produce carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and other dangerous exhausts that release into the atmosphere.
  • One of the main disadvantages of the diesel generator is it emits the carbon dioxide, particular matter, nitrogen oxide, and other dangerous gases that cause environmental issues.
Cummins Diesel Generator

Commons steps to follow when diesel generator is not getting started

  • Make sure that the fuel being used to run the generator is fresh and clean.
  • Make sure that the engine on/off switch is ON.
  • Make sure that the choke is turned off or is used only in the beginning for a few minutes while attempting to start.
  • Make sure that if the generator has a vent valve on the fuel cap, then that valve is set to OPEN.
  • Make sure that the rubber priming bulb/thimble on the rear of the diesel generator has been pressed for enough time so that the fuel is pumped throughout the system.
  • In the case of the electric start model: even if turning on the ignition key doesn’t help, and the engine does not start, then check the connection; also, the battery must be charged or a 12V battery charger can be used for charging. Alternatively, the unit can also be jump-started from a car battery. The engine of the diesel generator will itself charge the battery while running. The battery should always be charged each month or left on trickle charging if the air compressor is not being used for an extended period. 
  • Always check the engine for the oil in it. The engines sometimes have the sensors that will not allow the engine to start if the oil level is too low. It’s essential always to place the engine on a leveled surface to have an exact idea about the oil level inside it and thus avoiding pouring excessive oil in it.

Which diesel generator should you go for?

The most important points to keep in mind are output, efficiency, portability, safety, and price. At AllGenerators, we have simplified this task for you by making the generators available at one place in accordance with the use which they can be put to: so irrespective of your need like event organization, construction onsite, home or office, we have a generator to suit your needs. Our generators are from renowned companies and have been sourced just for you from Korean, Japanese, Indian, Italian, American companies.

Why AllGenerators?

The selection of brand and size of diesel generators mainly depends on your requirements. As diesel generator can produce a large amount of power, so primarily agricultural industry, construction industry, mechanical industry uses it. Also, it can be used as a solar backup or home backup generator with the autostart switch to avoid the manual changeover at the time of power outage. Other benefits of using diesel generators are low maintenance, durability, and fuel efficiency. You can discover that due to the above reasons, the advantages of diesel generator outweigh the disadvantages, which makes your choice for generator more clear.

AllGenerators is the best source of everything in terms of power in Australia that provides a variety of options and unique combinations of diesel generators. AllGenerators is happy to help in making your decision for the right generator. Call us and get all answers regarding the generator and its maintenance.