About Us

All Generators have a background of 15 years in the Australian market. We are proudly an Australian company with a 100 % local workforce: with our hard work, we strive to match the standards of AUSTRALIAN OWNED. We value our customers more than anything else. When you order a product from us then that last click on the order confirmation process means that you should be able to commence using the product instantly when our team hands it over to you!!

Why the US??
We are an all in one place proposition for all your electrical generator/motor needs. We offer a unique combination of the varied model of products and related services.

Yes, you read it right.

With a dedicated team of over 20 Engineers and Technicians, we have 2 fully equipped workshops and 3 onsite assistance vehicles which are operating 24*7 to cater for the need of our growing industry.

Although, we deliver electrical and mechanical products but with a human edge adds the thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the players. We provide all kinds of pre &post installation and during warranty repair services. No other online platform would be with you throughout the cycle of the product that you purchase from us.

Our offerings:
All Generators cover a vast range of products from industrial usage to portable products for day to day use. We combine this vast branded product availability with our human edge services: pre & post maintenance phase. You shall always find our technical support team standing right beside you whenever you need them.

Spare parts/Maintenance/Hire purchase/Repairs
All machines require repairs at some stage of their life cycle: We know and understand this and thus proudly offer the distinguishable services that help you carry on meeting your energy needs on an ongoing basis starting from installation to on the work maintenance to repairs within warranties and even the spare parts. We bring everything to you at one place at allgenerators.com.au

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