• DR30 Genuine Linz AVR
  • DR30 Genuine Linz AVR 2
  • DR30 Genuine Linz AVR
  • DR30 Genuine Linz AVR 2

DR30 Genuine Linz AVR


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DR30 Genuine Linz AVR, an advanced Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) engineered to deliver efficient voltage control for generators.

As a renowned name in the power generation industry, Linz has crafted the DR30 Genuine Linz AVR to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

✔️ Accurate Voltage regulation: The DR30 AVR boasts precise voltage regulation, ensuring a stable and consistent output voltage even in the face of varying load conditions. This optimal voltage control safeguards connected appliances and sensitive electronic devices from potential damage due to voltage fluctuations.

✔️ Swift Response Time:  Armed with advanced control algorithms, the DR30 AVR exhibits rapid response times, adjusting the generator’s voltage output swiftly in response to fluctuations in load demand. This critical feature ensures a seamless power supply, adapting to dynamic power requirements seamlessly.

✔️ Comprehensive Protection Mechanisms: Safety is paramount with the DR30 Genuine Linz AVR. It comes equipped with comprehensive protection features, including overload protection, short circuit protection, and overvoltage protection, providing complete safety for both the generator and connected electrical equipment.

✔️ Rugged and Durable Construction: Linz is renowned for its sturdy engineering, and the DR30 AVR lives up to this reputation. Built to withstand tough environmental conditions and heavy-duty applications, this AVR offers unwavering performance and durability.

The main features of this digital regulator are the following:

  • Voltage static error within the limit of ± 0.5% on RMS value.
  • Wide stability control regulation to guarantee the most suitable dynamic response to any possible situation (depending on the type of drive engine and on the size of the alternator).
  • 3-phase or 1-phase voltage sensing is available (3-ph sensing is very important when the generator is used with unbalanced loads).
  • Totally made with digital technology and the IGBT output stage.
  • Basic setting through dip switches.
  • Advanced setting through PC software, Bluetooth, and Mobile App.
  • External Voltage Adjustment through a remote trimmer or an external DC signal.
  • C.T. input port (0 ÷ 5 A).
  • Opto-isolated alarm output port.

Technical Specification

  • Feeding Voltage: 60Vac ÷ 300Vac
  • Maximum Exciter Field current: 10Adc
  • Permanent Exciter Field current: 7Adc
  • Sensing Voltage: 90Vac ÷ 500Vac
  • Output Voltage gross adjustment through on-circuit Dip Switch
  • Output Voltage fine adjustment through an on-circuit multi-turn Trimmer
  • Stability setting-up through on-circuit Dip Switch & programmable parameters
  • Under-Frequency threshold & V/F slope setting-up through programmable parameters
  • Over-Excitation threshold setting-up through programmable parameters
  • 50Hz or 60Hz operation
  • 0÷ 5 Vdc input port to control alternator output voltage, able to work with parallel governors
  • External trimmer input port (>10kΩ) to control alternator output voltage

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