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Generac V20 Lighting Tower


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The V20 Hyper is a new mobile lighting tower equipped with 4 x320W highly efficient floodlights. It provides more than 140 hours of run time and delivers one of the lowest sound pressure levels in the industry- only 58 dB(A) at 7m. The exclusive Hyper version, with Omnia” LED Technology, allows the operator to point the floodlights in every direction to provide 360 illuminations and are available with the anti-glare option

The V20 HYPER is equipped with a GTL01 digital controller specifically studied to manage every function of the light tower for the best ease of use.

Top accessibility

3 doors for a wider access. 2 compass-top doors with wing shape provide a complete access to the engine for a safe and convenient maintenance. 1 back door allows the access to the digital control panel.

The lowest noise level!

Innovation means also decreasing the noise level! The V20 light tower emits only 58 dB(A) @ 7 meters.

Long running time

Thanks to the V20 HYPER’s fuel saving features such as the small engine and the LED lamps, this model can run up to 143 hours without refueling.

Double power

You can connect a V20 HYPER to another V20 HYPER and run two lighting towers with only one engine.

Lifting System Hydraulic
Minimum Dimensions (LWH) 2200 x 1400 x 2440mm
Maximum Dimensions (LWH)  2200 x 1850 x 8500mm
Dry weight 980kg
Lamp power 4 x 320W
Illuminated area 4200m2
Total lumen (tc = 25 degrees) 184000Lm
Mast rotation 340 degrees
Certified wind speed resistance 110km/h
Fuel capacity 100L
Engine Yanmar 2TNV-70
Engine cooling Water
Alternator 5kVA – 240V
Outlet socket 15 A – 230V
Inlet socket 16 A – 230V
Run time 143h
Average sound 59dB(A) @ 7m

Additional information

980.0 kg
220 × 140 × 244 cm


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