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Meccalte UVR6 AVR

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The U.V.R.6/1-F is built with the same technology as the S.R.7/2-G and aside from having the same performances and characteristics it also includes the possibility of three-phase as well as single-phase sensing (we suggest choosing this option in case of very unbalanced or non-linear loads) and LED of self-diagnosis which indicate the machine operating conditions instant by instant.

Hereafter with the wording UVR6 we mean all the regulators suitable for being used at 50Hz and 60Hz, both three-phase and single-phase, with the wording UVR6-H400 we mean all the regulators suitable for being used at 400Hz. The components of these regulators are modern, utilising solid-state integrated circuit technology. These components were chosen to guarantee maximum durability and reliability. The entire unit, also made using a hybrid circuit, is inside a box of modest dimensions that has been impregnated with resin to protect against vibrations and ingress of water.

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