Meccalte DER1 AVR


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Born as a DSR evolution, it is building is extra features such as single and three phases sensing automatic detection, higher flexibility in remote voltage control, soft start and a voltage precision of 0.5% in static conditions.

The connectors for connection to and from the power generator and communications module are located on the DER1 regulator. The supervision unit can be made up of a personal computer, another “synoptic” device or both; it does not have the function of controlling the system in real-time but allows programming and visualisation of all operational parameters of the DER1.

Since the regulator is designed to control many different types of generators, it must be appropriately configured to obtain the best performance; most of the settings are stored in non-volatile integrated memory (EEPROM).


Variable voltage supply 40 ÷ 270 Vac
Frequency range 12 Hz ÷ 72 Hz
Precision of voltage regulation ± 1%
Precision of voltage regulation (stabilized condition) ± 0,5%
Maximum continuous output current 5 Adc
Environmental temperature -25°C ÷ +70°C
Voltage regulation 75÷300 Vac
Transient voltage drop and overvoltage within ± 15%
Voltage recovery time within ± 3% of the value set, in less than 300 msec
Sensing Single phase or Three phase
Parameters (can be programmed via software) VOLT, STAB, AMP and Hz can be set with trimmers (default)
50/60Hz through a “jumper” (default)

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