Meccalte ASR AVR


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The Latest-technology ASR (Analogic Simplified Regulator) assure trouble-less use, precise voltage control and frequency protection.

The ASR is a closed-loop AVR regulator system, that controls and keeps constant the alternator output voltage. The output voltage of the alternator is monitored and confronted with a reference signal: the difference between the two is used to control the conduction state of an SCR.

The SCR is controlled by the width of its pulse, resulting in a rectified DC output which is injected in the rotating inductor of the generator, generating consequently the AC output voltage.

This regulator is specific for ES and ET series.



Input power supply 180 ÷ 280 Vac
Precision of voltage regulation ± 2,5%
Maximum output current 6 A
Working temperature -20°C ÷ +70°C
Standard generator voltage regulation 100 ÷ 280 Vac

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