• HVR10E Genuine Linz AVR
  • HVR10E Genuine Linz AVR AG
  • HVR10E Genuine Linz AVR
  • HVR10E Genuine Linz AVR AG

HVR10E Genuine Linz AVR


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The HVR10E Genuine Linz Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a high-quality and reliable voltage control device designed to ensure a stable and consistent output voltage from generators.

Linz is a renowned brand known for its innovative power generation solutions, and the HVR10E Genuine Linz AVR lives up to the brand’s reputation.

The HVR10E  AVR offers precise and accurate voltage regulation, ensuring a constant voltage output even in varying load conditions. It stabilizes the generator’s voltage, preventing fluctuations that could potentially damage sensitive electronic equipment. With its advanced design and technology, the HVR10E AVR has a fast response time, instantly adjusting the voltage to maintain a steady power supply. This feature is especially crucial in applications where sudden changes in load demand occur.

The HVR10E AVR is equipped with protective mechanisms that safeguard the generator and connected devices from overload and short circuit situations. This enhances the longevity of the generator and prevents potential damage to connected appliances.

  • Voltage static error within the limit of ± 1%.
  • Wide stability range to guarantee the most suitable dynamic response to any situation (type of drive motor, different loads).
  • Adjustable protection from over-excitation caused by anomalous loads.
  • Fixed protection for low-frequency operation.

Technical Specification

  • Supply voltage inlet: 200Vac ± 25%
  • Generator output voltage setting with multi-turn trimmer (VG)
  • Maximum field current: 9Adc
  • Permanent field current: 7Adc
  • Single-phase reference voltage inlet: 90Vac ÷ 440Vac
  • Intervention level setting of over-excitation protection with multi-turn trimmer (OL)
  • Fixed lever setting of low-frequency protection

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