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11 kW Atlas Copco G11 - 15HP 51.5 CFM Air Compressor


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11 kW Atlas Copco G11 – 15HP 51.5 CFM Air Compressor

Atlas Copco’s all-in-one G11 compressor is always ready to supply high-quality air and help you tackle your daily challenges. Beating any workshop solution, the G11  keeps your air network clean and your production up and running.

  • Excellence in quality air
  • Robust element & motor
  • Advanced monitoring 
  • Easy installation
  • Main benefits of integrated dryer option

Pressure Variant  10

Max. working Pressure- Bar(e) 10, Psi 145

Capacity FAD- l/s 24.3, m3/min 1.46, cfm  51.5

Installed motor power- kW 11, hp 15, 

Tank Size – 270L

Noise Level- dB(A)    67

Weight (kg)- 358

Dimensions- 150 x 62 x 146(LxWxH)(mm)

* Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217 ed. 4 2009, annex C, latest edition.
** Mean noise level measured at a distance of 1 m according to ISO 2151: 2004 using ISO 9614/2 (sound intensity method); tolerance 3 dB(A)

Untreated compressed air contains moisture, aerosols and dirt particles that can damage your air system and contaminate your end product. The resulting maintenance costs can far exceed air treatment costs. GA compressors provide the clean, dry air that improves your system’s reliability, avoiding costly downtime and production delays, and safeguarding the quality of your products.