Diesel Generator


A diesel generator is a powerful machine that converts diesel fuel into electrical energy through the process of combustion. It consists of an internal combustion engine that runs on diesel fuel and an alternator that converts the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical power. Diesel generators come in various sizes, from small portable units suitable for camping and outdoor activities to large industrial-grade generators used for backup and primary power supply.

Diesel generators find widespread usage in diverse applications, providing reliable power in various scenarios. They can be used in residential and industrial areas as emergency backup generators. In regions with low electricity supply, a diesel generator provides you with all the power to run the equipment.  They are highly used in Construction and Mining Sites to power up the site.

All Generators is a reputable supplier of genuine diesel generators in Australia, offering reliable power solutions for diverse applications. We stock a comprehensive range of diesel generator brands known for their reliability and performance. Brands such as Yanmar, Volvo, Pramac, Powerlink, Mosa, and Kubota are available, providing customers with a diverse selection to meet their specific power generation needs. This extensive range ensures that customers can find the perfect diesel generator that aligns with their requirements and preferences.

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