Warranty Info


Every product purchased online from us have the warranty as provided by the manufacturer. Customers shall be entitled to refund or replacement of the product for a major failure/fault reasonably. Purchaser shall be provided with the facility to have the products repaired if the product fails. For the details on the consumer rights please visit: http://www.consumerlaw.gov.au.

Warranty: How does it work?

If within the warranty period as provided by the manufacturer, the product cease to operate then either you can try getting in contact with our technical support hub at 1300012719 for preliminary assistance or otherwise in case of the major issues you can get in touch with the manufacturer. Only if, manufacturer asks us at allgenerators.com.au (being an authorised dealer) to provide you with the further assistance we will do the needful.

Contact details of the manufacturer of the product can always be found in the handbook or manual book that accompanies the product. 

Warranty claim process

We shall need a request from you with details and a copy of the purchase invoice and returned to manufacturer prior to any works being considered or authorised. If the warranty is approved then no or nominal charges otherwise if manufacturer allows allgenerators.com.au to assist, a purchase order may be required and invoiced on completion of works.

Defective Units Return process

After written consent has been given by manufacturer, all defective products are to be returned with transportation charges prepaid via regular road transport to our office where the goods were purchased or supplied. We will arrange the necessary steps after having discuss with manufacturer.

Buyer liabilities

Where the defect is found not to be of the manufacturer’s, the buyer shall be liable for all expenses incurred - wherever applicable. Such expense shall include but not limited to transportation costs, inspections and any repair services performed at the request of the buyer.

Limited liability

The liability of all generators.com.au or any of the manufactures shall be limited to the repair or replacement of defective products and shall not be responsible or liable for any other loss resulting from defects in products, consequential or otherwise.

Please Note: No warranty is implicit or implied on pre-owned equipment unless specified in writing at the time of purchase.